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Safe Sitter by Baptist Health

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Safe Sitter®teaches young teens (11-14) everything they need to know to be safewhen they’re home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting.

Students learn life-saving skills such as how to rescue someone who’s choking, and helpful information like what to do if there’s severe weather. The lessons are filled with fun activities and role-playing exercises. Students even get to use CPR manikins to practice CPR or choking rescue!

Upon completion of the course, each student will receive a certificate indicating they completed all course requirements as a Safe Sitter.

Class Requirements

Students will be kneeling on the floor for some sections of the course, so please don’t wear anything too short or tight.

If you have a contagious illness, such as a cold or fever blister, you cannot take the course because we use CPR manikins to practice CPR.

Class Format

9:30am – 4:30pm

Course Instructor

A Safe Sitter Instructor who has completed Safe Sitter training

Class Registration

Registration and pre-payment is required to reserve your spot. Cost of this class is per student.

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