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To My Younger Self

I would tell my younger self that things will work out well. 

Balance and moderation can be like acronyms with each letter representing a message.

B-Be loving to those you love and pleasant to others

A-Adapt to situations. Recognize what you can control

L-Learn every day. Don’t procrastinate learning

A-Action is your friend.  The biggest successes will come from your brave actions.

N-Need others. It’s great to be independent; however, joint work and friendships will propel you further. Pick your partners wisely.

C-Choose a community where people promote good causes and become good contacts.

E-Eat, drink and be merry. Buy fresh, colorful, nutritious foods and beverages. Appreciate them as they will fuel your health and help you live joyfully.


M-More is not necessarily better

O-Be open to different ideas

D-Don’t give up easily

E-Expect to succeed.

R-Realize no one likes to be excluded

A-A good sleep routine can make you feel great.

T-Take time to be organized

I-Insurance can be a lifesaver

O-Ordinary people have done extraordinary things.

N-Nature is the perfect rest stop when you need a break.

Born in Westchester, NY and a graduate of the University of Maryland College of Business and Management, Judi now considers Jacksonville home.  Simon and her met in the gym at Epping Forest Yacht Club and their son was born downtown.  Mackie now a junior in high school plays on the Bolles Varsity basketball team, JCA and Hawks AAU. When Judi is not cheering, she can be found serving smartcookieinsurance.com,www.doc-di.com and her AXA Advisors clients.  Judi enjoys involvement with JFCS, Rivergarden and the Jacksonville Symphony.  While her favorite vacation is taking Backroads bicycle trips,  this Summer she is looking forward to touring colleges with Simon and Mackie.