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10 Social Media Tips that can Help Your College App

Photo courtesy of https://socialassurity.com/

Social media is everywhere and everyone seems to use it: teens, parents, coporations, comedians, actors/actresses, political figures…almost everyone that has access to the internet has some form of social media. But, social media can be helpful or hurtful depending on how you use it. Social Assurity provides some helpful tips where you can use social media during your college admissions process.

  1. Make profiles that college reps can easily find with information that shares your characteristics and reflects who you are. Using various social media profiles that are unique and easy to find can impress college reps and allows you to show them that you are more than a test score.

    1. Facebook, twitter, or instagram is easier to use and easier to find.

    2. LinkdIn, Pintrest, and Google+ is unexpected and easier to find.

    3. Snapchat, Tumblr, Whisper is expected and harder to find.

  2. Show engagement in activities that reflect your passions and interests.

  3. Be authentic and honest about the community service you’ve participated in where you were doing with others not just doing for. Don’t let social media contradict what you’ve outlined in your college application.

  4. Quality not quantity: Go indepth with what you have done and don’t focus on “bragging” to showcase that you’ve everything under the sun. Show character, achievement, commitment, service, and leadership and that can be done from one particular activity that you’ve been involved in over the years.

  5. Use social media to find out about the college. Get a better idea of what the school has to offer you via the content they provide their students on social media.  

  6. Interact with schools on social media to show that you’re interested. Don’t be shy reaching out to them via social media. More often than not you’ll hear back from them faster than via email.

  7. Demonstrate you have a voice, opinion or perspective regarding a particular concern.

  8. Make the content worth it. Colleges will recruit, but only if they see based on your social media profile that is respectable, shows integrity, and everything else the college is looking for in their students.

  9. Use your name. Get rid of the alias. Have it work for you rather than against you. Beside these days you are always discoverable.

To learn more about how social media can work for you during the college admissions process join Social Assurity on July 30th at 9 pm for a free webinar. Help yourself stand out among college representatives with the use of social media.

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